How To Tattoo On Fake Skin For Beginners

Tattooing on fake skins for beginners
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So you’ve just got your brand new tattoo machine in the mail, and you can’t wait to get started practicing on fake skins. But where do you start and how do you begin practicing? In this video, Brandon from Tattooing101 shows us how to tattoo on fake skin for beginners.

Video Transcript:

What is up youtube? It’S brandon from tattooing101 and today we’re going to be learning how to tattoo fake skins for beginners. If you are first starting out – and you want to grab some fake skins kind of what ones you should be using, i definitely recommend frankenskins real skins. Pound of flesh is another good one. I don’t recommend using amazon fake skins just because they can be really hard to tattoo.

I have a couple of reviews on here showing how terrible they are to actually tattoo. So those are what i recommend and if you’re new to this channel make sure you like and subscribe down below, so you keep up to date on all the content i make for you guys each week. So let’s get into the tattoo okay. So how to tattoo? On fake skin for beginners, obviously, whenever you do first start tattooing, you want to make sure you’re choosing really easy, simple designs to tattoo just line work starting out.

You could go into shading and other things after you get 100 down on your line, work. The line work is the number one thing you want to learn, so you want to pick a design that doesn’t have any shading in it, so that you could practice with that. Simple designs are also going to be really beneficial when you are first starting out and then you can go onto designs like this, where there’s some half circles straight lines. Other things like that to help you practice on growing with your tattooing. Also, when you first start out, i recommend using a seven round liner they’re, just really easy to use.

You can practice on your depth and other things, and also they’re, not too small, to where every line is going to be super shaky and they’re not too thick to where it could be hard to get it into the skin. So seven’s a perfect starting ground for practicing on fake skin, then also, whenever you are first starting out, you want to try to get down your depth before jumping into something like this, so obviously you’ll be practicing with some straight lines or something along this nature. Practicing for a design like this just practice your straight lines, so that you can jump on to actually tattooing designs. But you always want to start practicing the fundamentals before jumping into something like this, or it’s going to be really really hard for you to transition into awesome. Now you jump into actually tattooing this design.

Whenever you first start out, you want to make sure that your stencils are perfect and also putting a light layer of vaseline over them after they dry for about three hours. This is super important. I also made a video on this if you’re having issues with your stencils kind of smearing halfway into the tattoo, definitely recommend checking out that video, because it’ll have all that information in there. Now, let’s get into tattooing. So i’m running my machine on about an 8 volt, so this will kind of change depending on the way that you tattoo, obviously with my hand, speed.

This works out great when i’m using a 7 round liner, but this will change depending on you. So try a couple different voltages before you jump into actually trying to do designs. That’S why we practice on straight lines: half circles s’s other things like that before jumping into designs. Just so, you could build up and know how to run your machine awesome. So we’ll start out in one of these little stars on the outside, just to get a feel for everything which i recommend anytime you’re doing a design like this.

I added some stars in this one, but you can even do some straight lines up here, just to kind of get comfortable practicing on your fake skins before jumping into your design. So we got our depth down getting comfortable with everything, and now we could start on the design. So whenever you first start out, you want to focus on making clean, consistent lines the exact depth the whole way through. So, even if you want to go over your tattoo first before going into your actual lines, just to get a feel for everything and then practice on your angle that you’re tattooing at you know, you don’t want to have it straight up and down you wanted that A perfect angle right like that, so you could tattoo the correct depth and have the needles overlapping themselves so that it doesn’t overwork the skin, and you have saturation the first time through [ Music ] right like that. Now, if you have issues with doing really long lines, i highly recommend you kind of do the whip out method.

So when you you’re going through a line right like this, you kind of whip it out that way. You could start back on it a little bit and then pick it up and it’ll show a perfect, solid line. But if you try to you know really force going long lines whenever you first start out, you can get really shaky. It’Ll mess up your lines. So i’ll show you how to do that right now, so you’re going through you start to get uncomfortable about halfway.

So what you do is just pick up your speed whip out a little bit, and you can pick up a little bit back on this line and finish it out. If you had a hard time, seeing that i’ll show you one more time going through your line, you get to be uncomfortable, you can just whip it out right, like that, and click back up a little back on it and finish out that line [ Music ]. One of the biggest things you want to kind of focus on whenever you first start out is just connecting all of your lines, making sure they all connect perfectly but you’re, making some consistent lines, everything’s saturated the way it should. Those are the things you kind of want to focus on whenever you first start out, then you can jump onto getting a little bit more in-depth with everything that you’re doing after that. But these are the main things that you want to focus on, just starting so [, Music ].

This is a really great design to start out with, because there’s also circles inside you can see right here that we’ll get to here in a second i’m going to speed this up, go through this linework and then we’ll focus on the circle: [, Music, ]. Okay, now we can get into the circle. So what we’re going to do is make a perfect pivot point i like to use this part and have it down, and then i could just kind of rotate around with my pivot point. On the corner of my hand, now there’s a couple different ways to do this. This is just what’s most comfortable for me, especially when i’m doing big circles kind of like out here.

You know this half circle, i just kind of follow it around completely and if it’s too long just whip it out and then go back into it, but we’ll go and do this small circle. First biggest problem people have, with circles, is staying in one area too long, they get uncomfortable and they go really slow, which will eat up the skin and cause trauma. So you just want to keep a consistent speed the whole way through, and that’s why you guys practice on fake skins. First, you could get comfortable doing circles and all these things without completely destroying someone’s skin or messing up a tattoo which could obviously destroy your career before it even gets started. If you mess up a ton of people and then you have to fix them up or the word gets out, that you’re messing people up and then it completely throws off all your accountability as an artist.

So this is all the steps that i would take whenever it comes to tattooing for your first time on fake skin and then save this design, because after you practice you’re getting really comfortable with your line work, you could go back in and shade this as well. So always keep your designs and then you can go back in and you know add shading to it later. We’Ll just add some stippling shading in here real quick. So you could save these for a couple months or a month until you get comfortable completely shading and then you could go back in and add shading to it afterwards. So always save your designs.

When you first start out that way, you could get your practice in on shading without having to go and spend more money on fake skins. But i hope this was able to help you guys out, and i can’t wait to see you on the next video.

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