Lil Uzi Vert’s INSANE NEW $200,000 TATTOO!

Lil Uzi Vert expensive tattoo work
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Would you spend way more than $100,000 ON A TATTOO? Well, Lil Uzi Vert, one of the biggest rappers in the game just got an incredible new tattoo, and it costed more money than what most of us make in a year! Costing upwards of almost 200,000 dollars by Ganga tattoos, who’s one of the most popular tattoo artists in the world, this is a tattoo definitely worth seeing and definitely worth talking about.

Video Transcript:

So american rapper little uzi vert, most famous for his face tattoos, 24 million dollar diamond forehead piercing and his questionable sense of style has just gotten some new ink and i have to say i am really really surprised at these tattoos for a couple of reasons, but Guys does the price tag of almost two hundred thousand dollars. That’S right. You heard it almost two hundred thousand dollars justify spending this much on a tattoo. Well, let’s talk about it and find out for ourselves whether it is or isn’t worth the price tag that came along with the tattoo and we’re gon na break down. The pricing.

We’Re gon na talk a little bit more about how the tattoo came to be and a couple other things that i found about when i was doing my research on this also, i want you guys to go ahead in the comments section right now and let me Know what you think of his new tattoo and do you think the price tag that comes along with it justifies that or not so little uzibert recently just showed off his new look at the music festival summer smash and something in the water with his new and Amazing tattoos right away from looking at him, you can see something is a little different and no it’s not his crazy wild hair he’s shirtless and he is showing off his striking awesome new tattoos. Look at these pictures and tell me they do not look sick. He went and re-tattooed his whole upper torso with the front being a japanese oni mask and then he went and did the back doing a japanese samurai helmet as well. So he’s got kind of a whole theme going on the upper part, and i am absolutely loving. It and here for it, but who is the one that did this who’s the artist behind this amazing work?

Well, his name is joaquin ganga or how most know him by now as ganga tattoo. Now genga is a tattoo artist that specializes in black and gray, realism. Genka has his own tattoo studio out of los angeles and is currently one of the most in demand and popular artists in the world. Genga has built an impressive celebrity list clientele over his years as an artist because of his hyper-realistic style that doesn’t skip out on the details. But now how did this tattoo come to be?

How did ganga and little uziver get in contact with one another and think about this tattoo and get it done well complex, reached out to ganga asking how he connected with little uzivert about this massive tattoo project, and he replied saying that the contact came about because He had already done this type of work for little dirk as soon as he posted it. On his instagram, a lot of people wrote asking about his work. One of them was little uzi vert. Now, after a creative process in which they considered several proposals, they ended up choosing the current design that we see now because it was in line with little uzi for its tastes. And it’s also important to mention that there is no secret that little uzi bird has a liking for japanese aesthetics, as the rapper’s mixtapes frequently feature.

Mangana inspired cover art. Now the tattoo is just a creative idea and has nothing to do with the yakuza, as some may think and kind of associate with that japanese style, it’s just little uzi verts liking for that japanese aesthetics, and that is it. So now, let’s talk about everybody’s favorite topic. When we talk about tattoos, the price, when complex reached out to ganga and asked what is the price range for your services, he responded back by saying it’s around a hundred thousand dollars for one day of work. Yeah.

I know my jaw dropped too, when i read that as well now i thought i spent a lot of money on my tattoos, but that is definitely a little more than i am willing and able to spend now when complex asks ganga about how long this tattoo Took to complete, he replied back by saying the complete work lasted about 16 hours, which was divided into two eight hour sessions. So now, let’s do some quick maths. Two eight hour sessions, pretty much means two days of service and he said his services cost around a hundred thousand dollars a day. So when we go ahead and do some quick math to all that, do some multiplication, we get about two hundred thousand dollars for the whole two days of work and for the whole upper toe. So that was done now.

Do i think little uzi vert spent two hundred thousand dollars on this tattoo? Not really now. Genga did come out and say, though, that this tattoo was well over a hundred thousand dollars, and we also just heard that a day for his services is around, and that is a big word around a hundred thousand dollars a day. So we can kind of see that the bare minimum is gon na, be a hundred thousand dollars, but two hundred thousand dollars because of those two days seems a bit much now it’s my guessing and what i believe that the pricing for this tattoo was around was Maybe around maybe a hundred and fifty to maybe a hundred and like sixty hundred seven hundred and eighty thousand dollars for the whole piece in general. That’S my belief and we got ta remember and take into account that this is usd because it is in america.

So for anybody out there go on to google hit that conversion rate and uh see for yourself how much it is in your currency. Now there is a little more that we need to dissect in terms of the pricing, because i don’t believe all that money went straight into genga’s pocket. And this is just me, but i can almost say for certain that he was put under anesthetics and he also had many artists going in on him at that one time during that tattoo appointment. So now, let’s do some pricing breakdown and my uh guessing is just gon na be estimated. Now i did talk to somebody that went and worked that gang tattoo studio for a bit, and they told me that the services for being put under anesthetics is about 10 to 15 000.

A day now we know little uzivert went and did two sessions to eight hour sessions. So we got ta times that by two and we get around twenty to thirty thousand dollars for just going ahead and being put under anesthetics. And then it is my guessing that the same thing that happened, the little dirk is gon na happen in this same situation is where we have about eight or so artists working on him at that, given time just to help speed up the whole process, get everything Done at a much quicker time, so we got ta pay each individual artist for their time and their work, i’m gon na guess that maybe around five thousand dollars a day. I know that is a lot of money per artist, but this is a celebrity. This is somebody that has a lot of money, so we are able to go ahead and charge them a premium and get the money that we want from them.

So, let’s just say, five thousand dollars a day for each artist times that by eight we are at about forty thousand dollars a day for those artists work. Now we times that by two as well, we are at about eighty thousand dollars for just the artist’s work and then we get it around. Maybe a hundred thousand dollars in total for the whole services of the tattoo and the anesthetics. Now the rest of that money. I believe honestly goes to genga and he charges a premium for his name now like an expensive car.

Sometimes you were to go ahead and start paying a lot of money for just the name that comes along with the product or service, and that is the same thing that is happening with this tattoo as well. You know rich people, you know celebrities, they like to flex things that not everybody else can get, and this is one of those situations, so gang is able to really kind of charge a big premium for his name. Now, if you were to ask me justin, do you believe that this whole upper torso that he got is worth around 100 to 200 000? I’M gon na give you the obvious answer that almost everybody else is gon na say, and that is absolutely [. __ ] not, i could put a whole down payment on a house that i want to get.

I could go ahead and buy my dream car and still have money to spare. This money can go so far for so many people and for most top tier artists around the world that charge a lot of money for their work and hourly service or daily services. I believe that what he got is maybe around fifty to sixty thousand dollars. In total, not the one hundred to two hundred thousand dollars, and that is taking into account the real amount of hours being put and not having that many artists working at one given time. But there is a problem with all this and i have to think about the clientele that is being targeted for this type of work.

This is for the elite that have money to blow. They want quality. They do not want to deal with pain that is associated with getting a tattoo; they want it done quickly and more than anything like i said, i believe they want that name that is associated in that status. That comes along with getting it as well. So, for all that extra stuff you are gon na need to pay a premium.

You’Re gon na need pay more and i believe in that case it may be a little bit more worth it for us common folk, definitely not, but for the rich and for the elite. This may be something that yes is worth it in their eyes now, once you guys, do me a favor and that is go ahead and subscribe join the community, because i will be releasing the final video to my full back piece coming next week. I paid a lot of money for this tattoo, but nowhere near the amount that he paid. I also believe, in my opinion, it is a much better tattoo as well, but you guys can be the deciding factors on that. I will be releasing my most painful tattoo, that being the foot and then, after that i will be releasing the head tattoo, that i got as well.

So go ahead subscribe, so you don’t miss any of those. Tattoos got a lot lined up for you also like the video share it. I want this video to be pushed out to the world, maybe ganga, maybe a little uziver get a hold of this, and maybe i can ask some questions or maybe i just get a lot of people and hear their opinions. So go ahead in the comments, and let me know what you think of this tattoo: do you think he overpaid for it? Do you think it is worth the price tag that it came down to be, or do you still believe that it is nope not worth, and he overpaid way more than he should have go ahead and check out this video?

For me, starting the back, and you can see for yourself some more amazing tattoos that i have as well in my journey towards getting a full body suit later guys, like always justin out

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