Master Tattoo Placement: Unleash Your Ink’s Potential

Best Guidelines for Small Medium & Large Tattoo Placements
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Choosing the perfect spot for your new tattoo is just as crucial as selecting the design itself. The right placement can enhance the beauty of your ink, while a poor choice can detract from an otherwise stunning design.

But how do you decide where to place your tattoo? In this blog post, we delve into the expert advice from Brandon of Tattooing 101, who shares his insights on tattoo placement in his video, “Best Guidelines for Small Medium & Large Tattoo Placements!”

Whether you’re an aspiring tattoo artist or a client preparing for your next appointment, this guide will help you understand the art of tattoo placement and how to make the most of your ink. Let’s dive in!

The host, Brandon, emphasizes that understanding where to place a tattoo on the body is an art in itself and can significantly impact the design’s overall appeal. The video covers various body parts and discusses factors like the client’s lifestyle, design, size, and personal preference.

Visibility and Job Stoppers

Brandon starts by discussing the visibility of tattoos and how it can affect a person’s professional life. He mentions that if a client is in a field where they don’t want their tattoo visible or want to cover it up, the tattoo should be placed in areas like the rib cage, torso, upper thigh, or upper arm. He also talks about “Job Stoppers,” tattoos in highly visible areas like hands, fingers, neck, and face, which might hinder job opportunities in certain fields.

Size and Detail

The video then moves on to discuss the size and detail of the tattoo. Brandon explains that each body part is like a unique canvas with different curves and natural flow. He advises against trying to fit a large, detailed design on a small area like the wrist. Instead, larger areas like the chest, back, or full sleeves should be used for detailed designs.

Future Plans and Tattoo Goals

Brandon also emphasizes the importance of considering future plans and tattoo goals. He advises that if a client plans to get a full sleeve in the future, it’s best not to place a standalone tattoo in the middle of the arm. He also mentions that tattoos can change as our bodies get bigger or smaller due to weight loss, pregnancy, etc.

Redesigning Tattoo Designs for Flow

The bonus tip in the video is about redesigning tattoo designs for flow. Brandon mentions three rules of thumb: going with the natural curvature of the muscles (flow), ensuring the image is right side up, and making sure designs are facing forward on the side of the body or inward on the front of the body.

The video is an invaluable resource for both aspiring tattoo artists looking to refine their skills and clients seeking insights before their next appointment. It provides a deep understanding of how to choose a tattoo placement, considering various factors that can influence the final result.

For more detailed insights, you can watch the full video here:

Credit: Tattooing 101
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