What is up with ear tattoos?

What is up with ear tattoos?
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Celle Est talks about the growing popularity of ear tattoos and she takes us along with her as she gets her ear tattoos done.

Video Transcript:

Hey everyone welcome to my channel. Today we are talking about what is up with ear tattoos. I got both my ears tattooed a few days ago and I was able to film during so I’m really excited to show you all my experience a bit later on in this video, because, honestly, it was not what I expected at all if you’re new here my Name is Celle Est, I’m on a journey towards becoming a tattoo artist myself, and I make tattoo related content right here every week. So with that being said, let’s get into what is up with ear tattoos so ear tattoos have been relatively popular in the last few years, but I’ve definitely seen a huge spike in ear tattoos on instagram and on tick tock in the last few months and on Tick tock is actually how I found the artist who did my own ear tattoos, who is yasa tattoo, who is amazing by the way, often ear. Tattoos are extremely delicate and they’re, usually dot or line work, featuring, really really simple designs like leaves flowers, moons or geometric patterns.

Some people will incorporate the ear tattoo into a design that goes further onto the head. So here are some examples of that, and these are really cool. I want to say, the designs that go further onto the head are some of my favorite and you can see that there’s definitely a range of feminine, delicate designs to more masculine bold line work. So i really like the diversity here most of the time these are done in black ink, but recently I’ve seen a lot more colorful designs and these get very cute very fast, often times these are florals or rainbows or sparkles glitter. This is giving me like fairy emoji vibes and I love it.

The ear is such a small area and there’s so much curvature to the ear. It’s really unique shape and most people’s ears are different, so it is really cool to see these artists tackling that area and creating really really unique and cohesive designs on the ear. Now, if you would like to get an ear tattoo, i wouldn’t recommend just walking into any tattoo studio, because the ear is definitely more of a specialized place to get tattooed and most tattoo artists just won’t be familiar with tattooing the ear. So they might turn you down at the shop that i work at. We have had a few people come in asking for ear tattoos, and our artists have denied doing them just because they’re not familiar with it, and they don’t want to produce something.

That might not be great for the client, so if you want to get this done, i would definitely recommend researching them ahead of time and making sure that they already are familiar with tattooing the ear. So you might be thinking. Why is the ear such a difficult place to get tattooed and here’s where we’re going to get into a bunch of ear facts? So I’m going to tell you exactly why it’s hard ear, facts, ear, facts, ear, facts, ear, facts! Okay!

I need to stop saying that, so the ear is mostly just cartilage covered by skin, and the scientific word for the part of the ear that is visible from the outside is the oracle, and i really like that word. So. Here’s a little diagram of the oracle um. That is pretty handy and you probably are familiar with it. If you have your ears pierced but there’s so many different parts of the ear and they’re all have their own little names.

So the issue with tattooing. The ear starts with the skin on the ear being extremely thin. You can easily just feel the skin on your ear and compare it to like your outer forearm, and you can feel the difference between the thickness in your skin. It’s actually pretty extremely different. We also have pretty thin skin on the top of our hands and our feet.

Some people have really thin skin on their inner bicep area, but it kind of depends person to person and fun fact. Women tend to have thinner skin than men on average. So there’s three main layers of our skin there’s the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis, and the range of thickness depends on the epidermis and the dermis, depending on their size. Skin facts thinner skin is more difficult to tattoo, because the ink has to be placed into the dermis, which is about 1.5 to 2 millimeters beneath the surface of the skin, and I’m going to put a visual representation of a millimeter versus an inch on screen.

Now. So you guys can see just how tiny this area is and with thinner skin, that’s just even harder to get it into the dermis. So there’s a greater chance that you might place the ink too deep and cause a blowout tattoo blowout is when the lines of your tattoo become blurry looking, and this is because the ink is inserted too deeply past the skin layers and into where fat is distributed. So this causes the ink to kind of spread out a little bit. Tattoo blowout could happen anywhere, but with thinner skin like I said it is a little bit more common because it is difficult to keep the ink within that small portion of the dermis tattoo blowout is not the end of the world.

There are a variety of ways. You can fix this and it doesn’t usually show up immediately, sometimes it’ll take a day or two for you to notice that your tattoo is blown out. So all of the skin difficulties aside, the ear is also incredibly flexible, so that makes it even more difficult to tattoo. The tattoo artist literally has to hold the ear in place and tattoo it. At the same time, I recently did a video on what is up with tongue tattoos, and at least the tongue has enough area where you are able to clamp it, but with the ear you have such a small area that there’s no way you can even really Get a clamp onto the ear and still be able to tattoo it, and I can imagine that being really difficult for the top layer of the ear.

But it seems impossible with the earlobe where there is no cartilage. And it’s literally just like a bunch of skin. Holding and tattooing an earlobe sounds impossible to me. I have yet to find a video of anyone, tattooing, the lobe of the ear. So if anyone can find that and send it to me, i would love to see that so before I get into some of the downsides of getting your ears tattooed, I did want to bring you guys along with me.

While i got my ears tattooed, so let’s get into that right now: okay, hey everyone and welcome to my car. Welcome back to my car. If you’ve been on my channel before you’ve seen my car before it’s mini cooper, it’s distressed, it’s distressed! It’s not hit and run many times. It’s distressed.

I bought it this way. So today, I’m gonna bring you guys along with me. While I get my ears tattooed, so I’m getting them done by yasa tattoo, who I actually found on tick-tock, and she is going to do just two simple lines on both of my ears on both sides. I’M so excited to get. This done.

Yasa seems like an incredible incredible person, so I can’t wait to meet her. I’m gonna bring you guys along with me. I brought my little phone tripod so we’ll see if I can film the process of me getting it done if yasa is not okay with that, that’s totally fine. We won’t do it, but i did bring this along to see if I can bring you guys literally in the shop with me. While I get my ears, tattooed yasa, tattoo is a bit far away from me, so I gotta get going, but I’m gonna listen to a podcast on my way there.

If there’s any other crime junkies out there just know, I’m one of you I’m about to listen to a new episode. So I’m really excited and i will catch you guys when we are at yasa tattoo. So I got to yasa’s private tattoo studio, which is so pretty, and just such a comfortable environment to be tattooed in yasa primarily does cosmetic tattooing, but she also does small dainty tattoos, like the ones she’s doing for me now I showed yasa a reference image of An ear tattoo she had done a few weeks prior and I wanted essentially just the two small lines on both my ears. Without the dots like the reference photo that I showed her. So she was super into that idea and when we first sat down yasa free-handed the lines on my ears, she drew them based on the shape of my ears, so that they would go along with the flow of the ear and they weren’t going to be exactly The same on each side, because ears can be slightly different, but she drew them so well and then I only had her move one slightly down from her initial stencil and then we got to the tattooing.

He also had me lie on my side for the tattooing and she used an electric machine to do the lines he also told me. She usually gives her clients an option if they’d like their tattoos, to be done with the machine or by stick and poke when she’s doing the ears. For me, the two simple lines were best achieved by the machine, so we went with that. I think some designs favor stick and poke better on the ear, but yasa said some of her clients, like the ritual aspect of stick and poke as well. So that’s why some people choose that the whole session took probably 30 minutes in total and yasa said she likes to take a lot of time, making sure her line work is really clean and you can definitely see that from her work.

So here are the results of the tattoos that yasa did on both of my ears as I’m recording. Now it’s been four days since i got these done and, as you can see, they’re super simple super clean super, delicate tattoos and you definitely wouldn’t notice unless you knew that they were there they’re pretty much just two little cuffs on my ears, but I really do Love them and I think they just subtly accent the ear really nicely. So, let’s get into the most asked question when talking about ear tattoos, and that is how bad do ear tattoos hurt. So when I researched ear tattoos, I was pretty shocked because I saw this exact phrase quoted a few times regarding ear tattoo pain, and this is what it said quote. As the inner ear is a sensitive area, you will need to be careful when getting a tattoo here.

The tattoo process in this area can cause headaches, temporary jaw, law and dizzy spells. So, like I said, this phrase was repeated a few times in some different articles. On ear tattoos – and I believe it was originally written by authority tattoo, but they did not link a source to where they got that information from. But for me personally, I had the exact opposite experience while getting my ear tattooed. So I felt literally no pain while getting my ears tattooed.

I just felt like a warm sensation and there was like a slight buzzing, but really I would give this area a 0 out of 10 on the pain scale and I recently got my knees tattooed and that was a 10 out of 10 So I do feel pretty confident with my tattoo pain rating scale and genuinely. This is getting a zero for me. So i thought my experience might not be super accurate because of how small the tattoos are and the fact that they’re really on the outer end of the ear. So I went digging to see people who have gotten their ears tattooed and what they had to say about the pain levels. There are actually quite a few youtube videos and tick tocks of people getting their ears tattooed and talking about the pain levels even on the inner parts of their ears as well.

So I’m going to show a few clips of them describing their experience with the pain. Just to show you guys some of the opinions on the pain everyone wants to know how it felt getting my ear tattoos – and I can honestly say on my kids – live on everyone. I know it was the easiest tattoo I have ever gotten ever it tickled literally. The pain scale was probably like a two out of ten, if even that it was so weird like I had to ask her if she was actually doing it, because I couldn’t feel it. The pain on a scale of one to ten was probably like a one or two didn’t really hurt at all um.

It was a really pleasant experience actually, so, as you can see from those first-hand accounts as well as my own experience, it seems like the general consensus is that your tattoos are relatively painless and i don’t know about authority tattoo. Maybe that’s in the most extreme case scenario, but it is funny to see how, when one tattoo publication, just says something that so many other articles just report it as if it’s fact, even when I just googled the phrase, do your tattoos hurt. The first thing that comes up is that they would be an extremely painful experience and that report on they might cause jawlock headaches, migraines and dizzy spells. So if you were to just google do ear tattoos hurt, you might think that this is an incredibly painful experience, but that is just not the case for most people. Kind of just goes to show you just how misleading some information can be online until you really go digging, but overall, i think your tattoos are really fun.

I think that they accent the ear really nicely, especially in addition to piercings. If you have piercings in your ears or if you’re not able to get piercings in your ears, do some people have allergic reactions to certain metals? So if you don’t want to get piercings or if you want to accent your piercings, I think ear tattoos are a really great and fun way to do that. So that is all I have for you guys today on what is up with ear tattoos. Let me know down below what you think of your tattoos, which ones are your favorites.

I really love my ear. Tattoos, it’s been such a great experience for me to get these done. If you’re in the la area, I would definitely recommend going to yasa tattoo she’s incredible. She does amazing work, but yeah you guys will have to. Let me know what you think about ear tattoos down below, but if you’ve made it to the end of this video.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it if you have leave me this emoji in the comments, so that I know that you are a real one, bye, everyone, [ Music ]

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