AVA GT Mini Pen Tattoo Machine – Getting to know the powerful, light and ergo-friendly tattoo pen.

AVA GT Mini Pen Tattoo Machine
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A brief and up-close introduction to AVA’s GT mini pen tattoo machine. This sleek 3.5mm stroke tattoo pen sports a comfortable grip (pen-like) and a powerful motor. At 3.3 ounces, it is light and also durable because of its aircraft aluminum material. It is also wireless capable with its RCA connector.

Credit: Eddie Tana

Video Transcript:

So this is the GT Mini. It runs at a 3.5mm. It’s about a quarter, quarter pound. Uh it uses an RCA connection; just like this. Right on the back like that.

Alright, it uses a standard, uh, cartridges. Nothing special; it goes on right on in.

Nice little grip. It comes with an extra grip if you don’t want this. It goes right on here. I show you how to change it in a little bit.

Alright, so this is the GT mini let me turn this guy on…

Alright, to adjust the needle protrusion simply, just like the regular GTX, you just twist..it brings it on in; twist it brings it on out.

Okay, let me turn this off. There is an optional wireless power unit that goes right in the back. Makes this thing wireless.

there you go…

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