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Tattoo Mike Interview
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Credit: Fifth Finger Studio

Video Transcript:

My name is Tattoo Mike. My Instagram handle is @tattoosbymike916. I’m from Sacramento, California; Rancho Cordova to be exact.

So I’ve been in Phoenix for about a year and a half. I lived in Vegas for a little while. I was in Denver for a little while. Kind of came here and loved it.

I’ve been tattooing coming up nine years. I love doing lettering and anything black and gray realism. Yeah, so I like doing I kind of started off doing graffiti. So that’s kind of been my thing. I like doing charcoal painting and stuff like that.

Uh so realism, I like to do Greek mythology, you know uh women’s portraits, a lot of floral stuff. So I started off doing a lot of Chicano California style, like kind of where I’m from. More getting into it I’ve been getting more into the overseas art. Kind of like Keeps and uh you know different graffiti artists like Doke and stuff like that. Uh just a little bit different trying to bring it to America. It’s more like this uh old school calligraphy style with a little bit of pizzazz to it.

I got a couple got a couple of them you know a little bit. They have a big Instagram presence. When I got here I was kind of just surfing trying to find a spot that uh fit me better. Definitely the professionalism, everything that I saw, a lot of other studios knew of them, so just kind of tried to make my way over here.

I don’t think per se I’d want to own my own shop, I definitely this is my passion I don’t really do it for money or anything like that, but uh owning my own shop is is not in the future for me.

First and foremost, I’m a father; you know so that that’s my number one passion right there. I’m really gonna care about your tattoo. I’m gonna care about your skin. Uh I’m not an egotistical artist. I try to stay as humble as possible. And uh I’m really just a chill dude man. Just chill guy.

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