Ghost Tattoo Tray Table Review

Ghost Tattoo Tray Review
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In the latest video from Tattooing 101, Brandon presents an in-depth review of the highly anticipated Ghost Setup Tray for tattooing.

As a dedicated tattoo artist, Brandon has been eager to get his hands on this innovative product, which has been in and out of stock due to high demand. This review offers valuable insights for tattoo artists seeking to enhance their workspace with a versatile and efficient setup tray.

Brandon starts by comparing the Ghost Tattoo Tray to traditional stainless steel trays commonly used in the medical field. He highlights the unique features of the Ghost Setup Tray, such as its availability in different colors and the practical magnetic top, which facilitates easy assembly and disassembly. This feature is a game-changer for artists who travel frequently or attend conventions, as the tray can be conveniently packed and reassembled without hassle.

Throughout the video, Brandon provides a detailed time-lapse demonstration of how to correctly assemble and disassemble the tray. He shares his initial challenges and mistakes, ensuring viewers can avoid similar issues. This step-by-step guide is particularly useful for tattoo artists who value efficiency and organization in their setup.

Brandon emphasizes the tray’s ergonomic design, which includes adjustable height features operated by foot pedals. This hands-free mechanism allows artists to maintain their workflow without interruptions, making it ideal for those who frequently switch between sitting and standing positions during tattoo sessions.

After extensively using the Ghost Setup Tray for two weeks, Brandon shares his enthusiastic endorsement, noting that it has become an indispensable part of his tattooing routine.

He appreciates the tray’s durability, customizable options, and overall functionality. For artists interested in exploring this product further, Brandon provides a link to the Ghost Tattoo Co. website, where additional products and upcoming releases can be found.

This review is a must-watch for tattoo artists looking to upgrade their equipment and streamline their processes. Brandon’s honest and thorough evaluation of the Ghost Setup Tray makes it clear why this product is a valuable addition to any tattoo artist’s toolkit.

Credit: Tattooing 101
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