Tattoo Tutorial on Real Skin by Fani Meherzi

tattoo lining - shading - packing on real skin tutorial
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This video by Fani Meherzi provides a comprehensive tutorial on how to tattoo for beginners. It covers all the essential steps and techniques involved in the tattooing process, from setting up the equipment to the actual application of the tattoo on real skin.

Equipment and Setup

The video starts by explaining the necessary equipment for tattooing, including:

  • Tattoo machine (coil or rotary)
  • Tattoo needles (different configurations for lining and shading)
  • Tattoo ink (various colors)
  • Tattoo transfer paper
  • Stencil solution
  • Disposable razors
  • Vaseline
  • Green soap
  • Distilled water

It then demonstrates how to set up the tattoo machine, insert the needles, and prepare the ink and other supplies.

Stencil Transfer

The next step is transferring the stencil design onto the skin. The video shows how to apply the stencil solution to the skin, place the transfer paper with the design, and carefully remove the paper, leaving the stencil outline on the skin.

Tattooing Techniques

The core of the tutorial focuses on the actual tattooing process. It covers the following techniques:

  1. Lining: Using a liner needle configuration, the video demonstrates how to create clean, crisp lines by stretching the skin and applying the ink with consistent, smooth strokes.
  2. Shading: For shading and filling in larger areas, a shader needle configuration is used. The video explains how to pack in the ink gradually, building up the desired shade and saturation.
  3. Whip Shading: This advanced technique involves quickly moving the needle in a whipping motion to create smooth, blended shading effects.
  4. Color Packing: The tutorial shows how to apply and pack in different colored inks to create vibrant, multi-colored tattoo designs.

Throughout the tattooing process, the video emphasizes proper techniques for holding the machine, stretching the skin, and maintaining a consistent depth and angle for the needles.

Aftercare and Cleanup

Finally, the video covers the aftercare process, including:

  • Applying a thin layer of Vaseline or other ointment
  • Wrapping the tattoo in plastic wrap or a bandage
  • Cleaning the tattoo area and equipment with green soap and distilled water

It also stresses the importance of proper sanitation and sterilization of all equipment to prevent infections.

Overall, this video provides a comprehensive and detailed guide for beginners interested in learning the art of tattooing. It covers all the essential steps, from setting up the equipment to executing various tattooing techniques on real skin, while emphasizing safety and proper aftercare.

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