How to Avoid Tattoo Ink Poisoning

Is tattoo ink safe?
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When getting a tattoo, it’s important to be aware of the risks involved. One of those risks is tattoo ink poisoning.

What is tattoo ink poisoning?

Tattoo ink poisoning can occur when tattoo ink is not applied properly, or when tattoo ink gets into the bloodstream. Tattoo ink poisoning can cause a wide range of symptoms, from mild to life-threatening. Symptoms may include: itching, redness, swelling, rash, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, trouble breathing, and seizures.

How can I avoid tattoo ink poisoning?

There are a few things you can do to avoid tattoo ink poisoning:

– Choose a reputable tattoo artist who uses sterile equipment and high-quality tattoo inks.

– Make sure your tattoo artist opens new, sterilized needles and tattoo ink containers in front of you.

– Ask your tattoo artist about the ingredients in their tattoo inks. Avoid tattoo inks that contain metals or other harmful substances.

– After your tattoo is complete, make sure to clean the tattoo area and keep it clean. Follow your tattoo artist’s instructions for care.

If you experience any symptoms of tattoo ink poisoning, such as rash, fever, or trouble breathing, seek medical attention immediately.

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The chemicals in a tattoo remember when Johnny Depp said my body is my journal and my tattoos or my story. We all wanted our skin to narrate our story with creative tattoos because it’s intimate always trendy and so very cool. Even prehistoric, cavemen sported tattoos, Maitre suit, charcoal and other natural pigments, but do you know what is in your tattoo today? What is the source of these colors and how much it can affect your body in the long run? [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ].

Tattoo artists are certified, so they can create legally. However, most artists and enthusiasts have no idea as to what chemicals are in their ink, which could actually be a lot unless they’re, a professional and mix their own inks from dry pigments, and because the inks and pigments aren’t really regulated by any government authority. We will never know if they’re okay to be used as tattoo ink on skin. That brings us to the question: what are these pigments that are generally used? Well, some are sourced for natural ingredients, while some are sourced from textile plastic or even the automotive industry.

A 2016 joint research center jrc presented a report wherein a wide variety of tattoo pigments were analyzed and the ingredients of most concerned were listed. The most dangerous are known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAHs. A chemical group found in mostly black links that contain carcinogens. That can migrate from the skin to the lymph nodes. There are also azo pigments, which make up about 60 % of the color ingredients in tattoo ink, though it is believed that the azo pigments are safe when they first enter the skin.

However, they can degrade over time into potent cancer-causing compounds. A Swiss survey of 229 tattoo inks also found similar, problematic preservatives 1/4 of the inks. That survey analyzed contained the skin irritant benzo, I Sophia’s olenin and 7 percent contained formaldehyde a carcinogen you’d be surprised, but tattooing could also contain harmful metals such as nickel, chromium and cobalt. That is crazy. Did you think something as cool as a tattoo could be dangerous to that?

Hey that really doesn’t mean you can’t get a tattoo. All you have to do is be an informed customer when you visit the artists to get yourself a tattoo. Here’S what you need to know. Firstly, the modern high quality pigments are typically made from various metal salts and different rifles can post different risks, which means certain colors could be more unsafe than others. The red ink in particular is known to cause sensitivity, reactions and other health problems more often than black ink, which can easily be manufactured from safe sources.

Blues and greens are made from high-quality, copper salts and tend to be safe as well, but you need to watch out for cobalt based blues white pigments made from titanium oxide are some of the least reactive pigments in the industry, while yellow pigments are often derived from Natural sources like turmeric or curcumin, they are commonly known to cause reactions because of how much pigment it takes to create a bright color. Another very important piece of advice is to not go to a cheap artist. Save up do your research and go to a reputable artist, because the cheap ones could never give you sufficient evidence to support their ink choices and always ask your artist the details of the ink and the colors, because your tattoo is going to stay with you for Your entire life telling a story that is so dear to you, so you need an awesome one with great quality. Don’t you agree? LIKE this video? Subscribe to our channel for such enlightening facts and hit the bell icon for notifications, [, Music, ]

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