Ten of the Most Overdone Tattoos According to Tattoo Artist

Ten most overdone tattoos
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When it comes to tattoos, the possibilities are pretty much endless on what you could get, but with that said, there are some tattoo designs out there that are just so overdone. So in this video i thought we’d talk about 10 of the most overdone tattoos according to tattoo artists. Now me personally, i do enjoy most of these tattoos on this list, but if you want to call yourself out leave a comment below on which ones you have or you thought about getting. But if this is our first time meeting my name’s mike with EvolveINC on this channel, we talk all things tattoos, so if you enjoy some tattoo content, be sure to subscribe. Alright, so let’s just jump right into number one, and that is lion tattoos.

Now I’m pretty much calling myself out on this one, because i have a lion tattoo myself, but with that said, there is a lot of tattoo artists out there that are sick of tattooing lions. One of the main reasons why artists hate tattooing lions is because there’s only so much you could do with them. Yes, you can make them roaring or you could just have them chilling or you could put you know the crown on them that you see all the time and it’s like yeah look the lion king. There is only so many lion reference photos that you could choose from now seriously. Don’t lie, I’m sure you know at least one person out there.

Besides myself, that has a lion tattoo. These tattoos are just so overdone, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not cool. Oh boy number two pocket, watches or compass tattoos. Now I look at a crap ton of tattoos every single day, because one I’m a tattoo youtuber and two. I just love looking at good tattoos, but with that said, I feel, like everyone, either has a compass tattoo or a pocket watch or some kind of clock tattooed on their body.

This is another one of those tattoos that you could only do so much with it’s. Just either a compass or some kind of clock or pocket watch, there’s not really much. You could do therefore they’re pretty much all the same in a way like, yes, you could add, like maybe a dove or some flowers, or something to make it look a little bit original, but realistically they are overdone and they kind of look all the same, and The best tattoos are the ones that are unique to the person, but if they’re overdone and they all look the same it kind of defeats the purpose, don’t you think – and I also want to add that from doing research on this, I found that a lot of Tattoo artists hate absolutely hate doing this tattoo, because one it is super stressful because of how much detail are in those pocket, watches encompasses and also just because they’re so overdone and everybody asses for them. Number three are roses. Now i personally love a good rose tattoo, but with that said, I can’t help but to agree that these tattoos are, they are overdone they are now.

According to tattoo artists, the rose is a classic tattoo to get, but with that said, whenever a client comes in asking for a rose tattoo they’re like here, we go again simply because everybody asks for this type of tattoo somewhere on their body and also with a Rose, there’s only so much you could do with the tattoo. Yes, you could put it in black and gray. Yes, you could put it in color. You could reposition the petals a little bit, but that’s pretty much it a rose is a rose. One of the tattoo artists said that they feel like these tattoos, along with the lions and the pocket.

Watches that we just discussed are all a part of the hey. Look, I got tattoos starter kit. I thought that was funny when I was reading it. My personal opinion I feel like the rose lion and pocket watch, slash clock. Tattoos are all fighting for the crown of the most overdone tattoos out there.

Don’t even get me started if somebody has a sleeve with all of those incorporated in it. Okay, so number, four on the most overdone tattoos is the infinity symbol. Now, with the infinity symbol, you do see, people try to get a little creative with it and maybe have that infinity symbol and then have like an anchor, maybe some flowers or birds flying out of it. It’s really popular popular and way overdone according to tattoo artists. One artist stated that he did this tattoo 15 times in the span of two months.

That’s a lot of infinity symbols. Now me personally, i feel like this is one of those tattoos that people get when they want their first tattoo and they don’t really do much thought of it and they’re like yeah. The infinity symbol’s cool I’ll just get that one yeah overdone might be an understatement for this one, okay, so number five. I hope i don’t bring any hate upon me on this one, and that is sports teams. Logos now tattoo artists not only hate doing these because of how over dumb they are, but also on top of that, it’s a sports team.

You really can’t get creative with these tattoos. Now me living in Philadelphia. I asked my tattoo artist this and he stated that he does the Philadelphia, eagles logo consistently, like all the time and most of the people that come in and want to get this tattoo or somebody that wants to just get a first tattoo, which is fine. But with that said it’s it’s, it is still overdone, I’m sure you know at least one person from your home state that has a sports team logo tattooed on them somewhere all right. So number six, I’m gonna put these two tattoos together because I feel like they’re always incorporated into each other, and that is skulls and snake tattoos now snake and skull tattoos have always been popular, but for some reason in the span of 2020 and 2021, these Tattoos, I’ve just grown so popular and everybody either has one or wants to get this tattoo done.

Now me, i am personally terrified of snakes, but with that said, i do always enjoy a good snake and like skull tattoo, where they really get creative with it. I feel like everyone that either once or has this tattoo already already has a bunch of tattoos and also a freshly groomed goatee. Sorry, if i just called out anyone, oh sugar skulls. They also fall into this category too they’re overdone as well. I just want to add that in there now this next one personally hurts my pride, because i love the series, but with that said, coming in at number, seven is the deathly hallow symbol from harry potter.

Now, when I was doing research for this video – and I saw all these people talking about how overdone the deathly hallows symbol was – it really didn’t click to me. But then I thought about I was like damn. There is a lot of people that have this tattooed on their body now. The deathly hollow symbol is extremely cool in the harry potter universe. But with that said, it’s the harry potter universe.

You can literally pick anything out and it will still be awesome as a tattoo, but chances are – and I hate to admit this – if you are a harry potter fan and you like or have tattoos chances, are you have the deathly hollow symbol somewhere on your body? It is an overdone tattoo for sure number. Eight is a collection of tattoos together, they’re really popular, but also very overdone, and that is the Greek mythology sleeves now. I love me a awesome, detailed Greek mythology sleeve, but with that said, according to tattoo artists, they feel like they’re, doing these tattoos all the time. There is a lot of guys out there that love the Greek mythology sleeve tattoo are to say that this is the sleeve that people go and get when they want to get a sleeve tattoo, but they’re not really creative or really want to be original.

Yes, you could get Zeus, Poseidon, Mount Olympus, all the Greek mythology stuff, but there’s only so much you could choose and i hate to admit it. Yes, I absolutely love the way these tattoos and the sleeve looks. But with that said, they are overdone and I personally see a lot of them. This one artist said Greek mythology: tattoos, my tenth one, this month, sick of doing them; okay, so coming in at number nine, it’s not a specific tattoo, but it’s a specific type of tattoo and that are micro, tattoos, micro, tattoos. You know those tattoos that you see online, that are like super small on somebody’s body.

This has been a really popular trend for like the past three years now, and it seems like everyone is trying to get a micro, tattoo they’re just so overdone because of how popular and trendy they are right now, but tattoo artists absolutely hate doing these tattoos one Because of how overdone they are, and also on top of that, these tattoos just don’t age well, and that is extremely true – it is only a matter of time till that micro, tattoo, that you’ve got turns into just like a blob and, and it does that quick. It loses its detail and it just doesn’t age well. This just goes to show how overdone this tattoo is. Now I’m not trying to throw shots at anybody, but just in my friend group alone there are three people that got micro tattoos nah screw that shots fired shots fired over it on tattoo shots hard. That was cringy.

I apologize, but let’s get on to the next one. All right so coming in at number 10 are cross. Tattoos now crosses have always been an extremely popular tattoo to get, and usually it’s because people, you know they get them for religious reasons, but with that said, I can honestly say that this is a tattoo that is overdone and, yes, you can get creative with it. I’ve seen some beautiful cross tattoos out there, some with like flowers or have like a really deep meaning to them and they’re all very awesome and they’re, all very beautiful looking, but according to tattoo artists, they feel like this has been just an overdone tattoo, especially the Tattoo artists that have been doing it for, like 20 30 years, this one tattoo artist, states that in the span of his 30-year career, he has probably done at least 5 000 frost tattoos. Let that sink in for a second 5, 000 crosses.

That’s insane. If you want to learn more about tattoos, be sure to check this playlist out right here and if you haven’t yet be sure to subscribe. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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