Professional Tattoo Aftercare Guide (Day-by-Day)

step by step tattoo aftercare routine
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Now that you’ve got an awesome, brand new tattoo, what comes next? Taking good care of it. You might be surprised to know that aftercare is arguably one of the most important parts of getting a tattoo: it’s essential not only for keeping your tattoo looking fabulous, but also for your overall health. Here’s what Rasmus Cort recommends…

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, this is Rasmus from Sorry Mom. Today, we’re going to talk about tattoo aftercare. Tattoo aftercare is like talking religion. Everyone has an opinion and ideas. We at Sorry Mom, we do tattoo aftercare products. We’re gonna bring our best advice.

Today, in this video we’re gonna break it down into five basic rules before getting tattooed, during getting tattooed, and after you get tattooed. Let’s start with the basics. Here comes five good advices that applies for the whole tattoo aftercare process.

5 Basic Rules After Getting A Tattoo

Always wash your hands. It’s important to have clean hands when you touch your tattoo, even if it’s brand new or if it’s during the healing process.

Two, when you wash your tattoo, always use lukewarm water. You don’t want to use cold water and you don’t want to use hot water. It can harm your tattoo.

Three, when you wash your tattoo, always use your hand and always be gentle.

Four, when you’re drying your new tattoo after you wash it, make sure to use paper towel – no towels, no toilet paper.

Five, one cream per tattoo. That means, if you get multiple tattoos, make sure to buy multiple creams. So one cream goes for one tattoo, because you don’t want to cross contaminate anything.

Things to know before getting a tattoo

You might be wondering if you can do anything good for your tattoo before you even get to tattoo. Yes, you can. Make sure to get a good nights of sleep. It means arriving well rested to the tattoo studio means you’re ready for the job.

Two, don’t drink before you get tattooed. Of course, as never, don’t use drugs. Don’t come empty-handed. Bring snacks also bring a full belly. You don’t want to arrive low on blood sugar, and you don’t want to arrive hungry. If you bring snacks, do your artist a favor and ask him for what his favorite snack is prior to the session. I’m sure it’s gonna be worth it. And last but not least, it’s also super important that you stay hydrated.

So now you’ve got a new tattoo, congrats you’ve survived it and it wasn’t that bad. What happens next, you’re on your own? The last thing your tattoo artists will do is apply a layer of film on your tattoo. There are two methods: the old school cling film and the new modern tattoo film.

If the method you used is the cling film, we recommend that you only leave it on for three to four hours. Then you take it off. You start washing your tattoo. We have a nice video about that. Wash your tattoo apply, a small layer of moisturizing on it, add a new layer of clean film, leave it on for the night. Next morning, take it off – you’re done.

If you aren’t cling film guy, but you’re using one of the modern tattoo film that is protective and breathable and does good for your tattoo, then you leave it on for 24 hours. And then you start your washing routine.

Pro tip on how to take off your tattoo film. Take it off in the shower, not too warm, not cold water. Nobody likes cold showers, but peel it off slowly with lukewarm water, and it’s gonna go off easily.

When you moisturize your tattoo, it’s important that your tattoo is clean and that your hands are clean. It’s important that your tattoo is dry and it’s ready for the moisturizer. When you moisturize your tattoo use a balm, use a butter. Apply a thin layer in circular motions like this. Now you took off your tattoo film in the shower, it’s time to wash your tattoo and it’s time to protect it again. Apply a new layer of tattoo film. You have to leave it on for two to three days. Personally, I enjoy the tattoo film a lot because it allows me to be active. It allows me to not be too careful, because I know I’m not gonna make the bed sheets messy, or you know, leave marks on my white clothing. So I really like the tattoo film.

After those two to three days, again, you take it off use lukewarm water in the shower and then it’s time to start the healing process using the healing ointments.

We’re now on day four or five with our new tattoo. We still love it, now we can actually see it. We don’t even have to see it through our tattoo film. It’s time to start our moisturizing routine. Every time we moisturize our tattoo, it’s also important that we clean up tattoo; so don’t get away from the cleaning procedure. Stick to that.

When we moisturize our tattoo, it’s important that we have clean hands and that we apply a thin layer of tattoo balm or butter. We apply it in circular motions and again thin layer, thin layer, thin layer.

You have to keep on doing this. For the next 10 days, so after roughly two weeks into two is ready, it’s healed up nicely and you can start using tattoo lotion to keep it moist and hydrated for the rest of your life.

So now you don’t just have a new tattoo, you have a new tattoo that is healed up perfectly. it’s gonna sit there forever and you might be wondering, can I do anything to keep it good looking forever? Yes, you can.

Always keep your tattoo hydrated. You can use a tattoo lotion for that, protect it against sun (we have a sunscreen for that). If you play sports, if you’re very active, if you are in situations where you you know that you’re really irritating your skin and that you’re leaving your skin under a lot of pressure, protect it if you can; wear a long sleeve and of course, never on purpose, do anything that might rip your tattoo open because again, the tattoo is in your skin, it’s in the second skin layer. If you rip it off, if you get a wound, it might affect your tattoo. So, yes, you can protect your tattoo and you can take good care of it for the rest of your days by using products, but also by you know, paying extra attention.

That’s it guys. I hope this video has been helpful. I hope it’s going to help you through the whole tattoo healing process. It is important if you have any questions, leave them below leave a comment. Leave a like subscribe share it with those friends of you that is about to go, get a new tattoo, because this is our best advice and how we recommend doing it.

Thank you. See you you.

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