12 Reasons Not To Get A Hand Tattoo

Twelve things to consider before getting a hand tattoo
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Hand tattoos. Are they worth getting? Yeah they can be considered cool, sexy or badass because of their placement and visibility…BUT there is a lot more to getting a hand tattoo than you may think. In this video, Justin from Just-INKD, lists 12 reasons of why a hand tattoo may not be for you.

Credit: JustINKD

12 Things to Consider Before Getting a Hand Tattoo

  1. The hand is one of the most painful areas to get tattooed
  2. Constant touch-ups may be needed to make it look its best.
  3. Some areas of the hand do not hold ink well.
  4. The hand is a part of the body that is likely to get scratched/ cut by accident.
  5. The hand is one of the least protective parts of the body when it comes to sun exposure.
  6. Hand tattoos may hinder job opportunities in certain fields.
  7. You may be judged instantly by others because hand tattoos are very visible.
  8. Make sure what you want to put on your hand is REALLY what you want because you will be constantly seeing your hand all day.
  9. Your hands are never really going to look their best (ie. dry/ cracked skin from weather).
  10. You might become a lot more paranoid in everything that you do because you’re constantly trying to protect your hand so your tattoo doesn’t get damaged.
  11. Hand takes a lot longer to heal than most other parts of the body.
  12. You’ll probably end up wanting to get your other hand tattooed as well.
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