9 INSANE Hacks For Making A New Tattoo Heal Faster!

Hacks to heal a new tattoo
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I think we can all agree that healing a tattoo is way more annoying the actually getting it. Yes, during the tattoo session you might have to deal with a little bit of pain but with healing that tattoo, you gotta wash it multiple times a day, sleeping is uncomfortable, you gotta limit what you can do and its just all around annoying.

Here are 9 hacks that Mike from EvolveINK shares on how to heal new tattoos faster…

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Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome back to the channel my name is Mike with EvolveINK  and if you have tattoos, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that healing a new tattoo is much more annoying than actually getting it. Sure during that tattoo session might have to deal with a little bit of pain. But during the healing process, you have to deal with washing and taking care of it every day,  depending on where it is you’ll be sleeping awkward,  it’s uncomfortable you got to worry about not exercising. All of these different things just to make sure it heals up perfectly . This whole process can be tedious annoying and some tattoos can take weeks to heal.

Now with that said there are some hacks out there that nobody really  talks about that you could do to make sure your tattoo heals up quickly and perfectly. Yup! There’s actually nine of them, so in this video we’re gonna be talking about  nine hacks that you could do to make your new tattoo heal up much more quickly.

So whether you are a tattoo pro or a rookie,  these things that we’re gonna be going over will make your freshest ink heal up fast and perfectly. Let’s just jump right into it and get to the first hack and that is to not re-bandage it.

Now I first want to start off by saying that I know,  everybody has a different way of healing their tattoos.

For example, some people say to leave on the Wrap that your tattoo artist uses  to wrap your new tattoo. But trust me, you want to remove that Wrap, and the sooner the better. Now I’ve said this multiple times on this channel before but your tattoo  needs to breathe in order to scab over and heal. So if you go and you know.

.. re-wrap the tattoo with a new bandage it’s  just gonna create moisture to develop underneath that bandage,  making your tattoo you know take a lot longer and I mean a lot longer to heal. So just simply do not re-wrap it.

Now I know I’m gonna get a lot of comments on this video asking about it so I’m gonna say this.

If your tattoo artist decides to use saniderm or any type of second skin over that new tattoo  and tells you to leave it on listen to them. Listen to your tattoo artist… I just wanted to address that because  you know it’s gonna be asked in the comments section, which is fine.

Now moving on the number two and that is to clean with lukewarm water. Yes I’m gonna say water because that is my accent but oh boy is this a big one. There’s just a huge miscommunication when it comes to how to properly watch a new tattoo. Some people think that they need to use like piping hot water to really  clean off the tattoo or else the bacteria is going to be there but, no do not do this.

The last thing you want to do if you’re somebody that wants your tattoo to heal faster, Is to use that piping hot water, because if you accidentally burn yourself, this is gonna  just completely almost restart the process and prolong it like crazy when it comes to healing.

Hot water is great for killing germs but on a new tattoo  this is just counterproductive and if you do it you’ll be screaming. Remember a new tattoo is considered an open wound  so you need to be gentle with it if you want it to heal fast. My preferred method is lukewarm to wash it and cold water to rinse  to really close up those pores and trapping the ink in better And trust me it helps. Now pause for a quick second, I I invite you to subscribe to EvolveINK  for all of your tattoo related content that you could possibly ask for.

But with that said I hope you subscribe, let’s get back into the video.

Now here’s a great hack for you so number three… get the right tattoo after care product. So you know how we said earlier that everybody has their own preferred method of healing a tattoo?

Well, if you were to go ask 10 different people on what their favorite tattoo  aftercare product is and what they think the best one is you’re going to get 10 different answers. But for me personally, I have used countless tattoo aftercare products out there  and the ones that I’ve seen work best, are the ones that are made with all natural  ingredients and also help rejuvenate the skin without affecting the ink in the tattoo. And that part is extremely important and a lot of  these tattoo aftercare products really miss the mark with it. So when you are shopping around for those aftercare products make sure they are made  for tattoos and also on top of that they are all natural.

Not only do they help prevent infections but also give your  skin all of the essentials that they need to heal up healthy and of course, fast.

Now even with the best tattoo aftercare on the planet,  if you apply it incorrectly it’s not going to help you any. Which leads me to number four and that is to apply products sparingly. Some people think especially if it’s their new tattoo that the more product they apply  for healing, that it’s gonna heal up faster but no no no no that is that is completely wrong doing.

This will either make your tattoo heal up slower or you know..

. ruin it. You do not want to drown your new tattoo in healing product  and create an over-moisturized area. Because remember, it needs to breathe. So instead of globbing up a bunch of goo  just put barely enough to go over the whole tattoo, like just a thin layer.

The healing product does its job and allows your tattoo to heal up much faster. Another hack that I assure you not enough people talk about,  that is when your tattoo is healing, to heal it up faster you need to stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of water is not only key for making your tattoos look better but  while they are healing and the skin is repairing itself The more hydrated you are and the more hydrated your  skin is the faster that tattoo is going to heal. Now the reason behind this is simple,  remember earlier how we said that tattoos are considered an open wound? Well when your body is trying to heal up, it’s going to need as much resources as possible.

Resources meaning like  your nutrients from your food and also hydration from drinking a lot of water. So the more resources you have in your body the faster and healthier that tattoo will heal up. If you haven’t noticed yet the point I’m trying to make,  drink a lot of water during the healing process. You will notice a much faster recovery time with that new tattoo,  trust me I tested it out and it works awesome. Coming in at number six is to not pick or peel any of the skin off your tattoo,  and i know this is easier said than done for some people but just hear me out.

During this stage of the healing process your skin is going to be  really freaking itchy and also the skin’s going to be falling off which  makes it pretty tempting to want to either scratch it off or just pick it off. But you do not want to do this. Doing this will not only make your tattoo heal up crappy but also  it really prolongs the healing process of the overall tattoo. It’s not like oh, if I peel off all of these skin flakes my tattoo is going to heal up faster.

That’s not it just don’t don’t do it.

If you do that it pretty much restarts the whole healing process because that  area to where you picked off the skin or scratched it now that needs to heal over again. So yeah.. Moving on to number six is to avoid baths,  shower instead and even when it comes to showering, make them fast. So I’ll put it to you this way, if you want your tattoo to heal up as fast as humanly possible,  you want to limit as much as you can any kind of exposure to water.

Now, if you were to say take a really long shower or jump into a full-blown bathtub,  this is gonna over moisturize your skin. Causing it to not be able to really dry out and scab over in order to heal. So jump in, soap up and get out. Coming in at number eight is to avoid any type of exercising and i know this can  be extremely difficult to some people that are in a certain workout routine but trust me if you want your tattoos to heal up as fast as possible you need to avoid  exercising..

at least for a week.

The main reason why you want to avoid exercising is due to one thing, and that’s sweat. So what happens when you start working out? you’ll start sweating. And there’s a good chance that if you have a new tattoo ,sweat is gonna get into that sucker.

This will not only irritate the living hell  out of it but also it will allow bacteria to enter through your tattoo. And with the end result comes tattoo infection and a prolonged healing process. Also side note you don’t want to overwork or stretch out the skin during the healing process.

This can also prolong the healing because you’re disturbing that area, so simply just do not do it. If you want to watch more tattoo related content be sure to check this playlist out right here and if you haven’t yet be sure to subscribe,  thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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